The Art of Design: this is the common thread that accompanies the long history of Atelier Fede Cheti from the 1930s until today.

As Federica Cheti traveled the world and the cities in search of inspiration for her wonderful Art Fabrics, which were going to embellish the most elegant residences, from “her” Milan to London, Paris and New York, so today her spiritual heir Alessia Fugazzola observes people, objects, architectures, colors of nature in order to transform intimate suggestions into creative intuitions.

Alessia could not do anything else but devote herself to glasses, her great passion since when she was a little girl when, forced to use lenses, rather than be annoyed by the fact, as typicality happens to boys and girls, she immediately considered eyewear as a style accessory, like fashion or make-up, by which shaping your own image.

“Eyewear is the first thing you see when looking at someone in the eye”: this phrase, deeply shared by Alessia Fugazzola, was among the first mentioned by Dante Caretti, the undisputed guru of designer eyewear in Italy and around the world when he met her for the first time to talk about her project.

Caretti, immediately enthusiastic about the artistic vision of design embodied by Fede Cheti, has helped to create a great team of professionals at the service of the Eyewear project.

Everything has been conceived with a view of creating a product that is worthy of bringing the noble flag of the Milanese atelier Fede Cheti, known above all for its ability to experiment with styles, combinations and shapes, unhinging the traditional clichés that until that time had governed the design industry.

Fede Cheti bursted into the market with a disruptive force: first of all she was a woman, who intruded into the business and production world at that time strictly reserved for men; she was an innovator, an artist who dedicated her creativity to industrial production, a color experimenter in a time in which the world of furniture and design never used colors.

Fede firmly believed that even the industrial production can be fed with art: the same designs that are part of her precious Archive, some of which were  made by young artists that Fede used to host in her own spaces as a new patron (among which Giò Ponti, Luciano Fontana, Filippo De Pisis, René Gruau, Emmanuel Canovas, etc.) are today a constant source of inspiration for Alessia Fugazzola, who rereads her traits and colors, reconstructs her settings and contexts to recreate them in contemporary shapes and tones.

And so, it was immediately understood that the constant research of Alessia Fugazzola on the shapes and colors to be applied to her eyewear is in deep harmony with the design work that led Fede Cheti to the realization of her fabrics, combining products designed to beautify the place most loved by visitors of her living room-atelier, and today – in a very contemporary path of personalization of design – the face, the person itself who recognizes in the glasses an essential element of his being.

Fede Cheti S.r.l. is a company owned by Alessia Fugazzola and her husband Nicola Zeni; the company owns the Brand, the Original Designs and the Intellectual Property of the work of Fede Cheti.

Alessia and Nicola join in their business activity an intense philanthropic action through the initiatives of the Italian Diabetes Foundation, incorporated by them in 2009, and born with the aim of supporting scientific, clinical and basic research, in connection with universities, national and international research bodies and other foundations to find A DEFINITIVE CURE for Type 1 diabetes.